Cut Your Credit Cards

Cut Up Your Credit Cards Now!

Right now you are asking Google whether or not you should cut up your credit cards. Stop. I will tell you the answer. . . Cut up your credit cards now! If you are in a bind with your credit cards or credit score, cut them up. Save one you can…

Why Does Your Credit Score Stink? [Infographic]

  You just got turned down for credit. They were too polite to put it this way, but your credit score stinks. Maybe this is news to you or maybe you’ve been working hard to raise your score. Either way, having bad credit can put a damper on your plans….

Renting With Bad Credit: Is There a Score Landlords Want?

Forget buying a house, just renting with bad credit can be impossible. My credit repair story started partly because I couldn’t even find a place to live because of my bad credit. Are landlords looking for a magic number to rent you that apartment? Let’s take a look. Your Credit…